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Rear Suspension Kits

We offer three basic stages of rear suspension kits so that you may select the level of performance needed for your application.  From a street performance setup to full race, all three kits use only the best components available.  Each kit features heavy-duty ½” U-bolts, heavy-duty spring perches, heavy-duty shackles, Koni shocks and new leaf springs.  Individual component descriptions are featured with each kit.  Select a complete kit or order each item individually.

Kits are shown with Koni shocks as a first choice.  Optional shocks include QA1 Stocker Star gas shocks and Penske gas shocks.  Both are gas filled aluminum bodied shocks and are an improvement over the tried and true Koni’s.  Penske shocks are a top choice and are fairly easy to install.  One of the kits' highlights are heavy-duty spring perch plates that are designed to work on all axle tube sizes and have a thicker shock mounting area for more shock support.  1/2” U-bolts that can be torqued higher for more clamping force and additional length allow for insertion of lowering blocks at a later date if need be.  All variations of shackles have beefier side plates for more lateral support and reduced unwanted body roll.  Leaf springs are new and made or selected to our standards for each individual application.  Spring eye bushings provided with each kit offer the right combination of materials for the usage each vehicle will see.  These kits have a combination of the perfect parts for the job, selected from years of experience with rear suspension tuning.  Traction control devices are sold separately due to the wide variety of applications and products available.  Please consult a Cobra Automotive representative regarding the proper traction control for your car.