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Override Spring Rods

The override traction bar design has been the standard for years.  Most racers have experienced the wheel hop that occurs when you combine down shifting with hard braking.  Complete loss of rear wheel control can occur under these conditions.  These spring rods have a 900 lb. rated compression spring and are designed to dampen this wheel hop condition while allowing the suspension to move more independently from left to right.  The rod end mounting points let the body roll during cornering, creating a more neutral feel while not affecting the roll center of the car.  Sturdy aircraft aluminum construction is virtually undetectable once painted in car.  Spring preloads are adjustable with additional spring rates available.  Available as a direct replacement for your original early Shelby, or as a complete kit with rear end and interior floor brackets.  Includes all hardware.  Chassis modifications and welding are required; instructions are included.

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