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Goodyear and Hoosier Race Tires

Here is a selection of race tires that we have found to perform very well on vintage road race Shelbys, Mustangs, Camaros & Corvettes.  Choosing tire brand and compound is a matter of driver preference, car set-up and track surface; both Hoosiers and Goodyears are excellent tires.  The Hoosier Street TD is a less expensive race tire with a DOT label for marking and performance only and is available in three sizes for 15” wheels.  Hoosier also makes an “S” version with a stiffer construction that is favored by some of our Cobra racers.  We find that, on our Shelbys, the Goodyear “Blue Streak” racing tires exhibit better traction and maintain that traction longest.  The Goodyears have the classic G-7 pattern and are also available in three sizes for 15” wheels allowing for matching front and rear sets in R655 and firm compounds.  Racing tires are NOT INTENDED FOR HIGHWAY USE.