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Complete Cam Kits, Cams, and Components

It is often said that the cam is the “heart of the engine” because it determines the engine’s “personality.”  The torque curve, ultimate horsepower figures, and rpm range of the effective power band are all determined by the cam.  Cobra Automotive’s complete cam kits, camshafts, and components are all selected based on many years of experience, research, and hundreds of hours of Dyno testing.  The components listed have been selected from the premier manufacturers in valve train technology such as Comp Cams (the official camshaft of NASCAR), Crower, Lunati and Isky.

Complete kits include cam, lifters, springs, retainers, locks, seals, and timing chains.  Camshafts listed as “Race Only” are ground to our own specs, or can be custom ground to suit your specific application.  Please call or email to discuss a custom camshaft or cam kit.