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Competition Road Race Exhaust Headers

Competition engines move so much air at high RPM that proper application of header design theory is crucial.  With racers spending large sums of money on modified induction systems, it is only logical that an equal amount of attention be given to the exhaust “exit” side of the equation.  Our competition road race headers are built exclusively for us under a proprietary arrangement with one of the cutting-edge manufactures in the industry.  It’s all about gas particle movement and pressure wave activity.  Our designer spent over 17 years in NASCAR Cup Racing, pioneering several advancements in exhaust technology in that field.  The result is that these headers are the ultimate small block Ford road race headers available.  Multiple step primary tubes mated with special merge-style collector is the secret to our header design.  In back-to-back Dyno tests, these headers consistently show as much as a 30 HP increase over the leading race headers.  An absolute must on all 500+ horsepower 289-302 road race engines.  All competition headers are built to order.  Headers for Mustangs must be specified for hydraulic or mechanical clutch applications.  Cobra headers are sold without side pipes which must be specified separately.