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Competition - High Performance Brake Pads 11''

We believe the Carbon Kevlar R4 compound to be one of the best all around compounds for “Full Race” competition use.  This compound “beds-in” quickly so you can concentrate on driving at speed almost immediately.  Also available in a R4S compound, great for auto-crossing, driver’s schools, solo events, and rallies.  We offer a broad selection of compounds based on years of testing & racing at various tracks.  Friction coefficients from highest to lowest would be ST47, DTC70, PFC.01, ST43 and R4.  Approximate temperature ranges from highest to lowest are: ST47 and DTC70 at 400F to 1600F, PFC.01 and ST43 at 300F to 1400F and R4 at 200F to 1000F.  However all peak their performances in the 700F to 900F range.  As far as rotor wear goes, from least to most, the order is R4, ST47, ST43, PFC.01 and DTC70.  Please call to discuss which compound(s) would suit your driving style or typical race length.