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Competition 3'' Open Side Exhaust Systems

Cobra Automotive’s 3” diameter aluminized “open” side exhaust system is as simple, lightweight, and free-flowing as an exhaust system can get.  All “slip fit” for easy assembly, it includes four straight sections 36” long, two 45 degree elbows and 2 heavy duty hangers.  Welding is required for installation, and requires 3” header collectors.  The final installed length is 66” to the exit point in front of the rear wheels.  This kit is also available with an “H” pipe which is supplied as two unassembled “fish mouthed” sections to be final slip-fitted and welded together.  The advantage to running an “H” pipe is added horsepower through the RPM range due to equalization of the pressure waves.  Fully adjustable to accommodate your headers; holes must be put into the intermediate pipes at the proper point and then the ‘H” must be cut to fit and welded into position.  Additional flange kit will be required if bolt-on type header collectors are used.