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Competition 11'' Rear Drum Brake Kit

This kit features top quality new, all American made components.  It will increase the size of your existing 10” rear brakes to a full 11’’ in diameter and will greatly increase your braking capability.  This is the largest rear drum brake kit available for a vintage Mustang and requires the use of 15” wheels.  Our kit comes in two variations:  The Competition kit comes with Carbon Kevlar race compound shoes and large 1-1/8” wheel cylinders; the Street / Performance kit comes with OE compound shoes and 15/16” wheel cylinders.  Our Competition 11” rear drum brake kit works so well, it is not unusual to outperform cars with 4 wheel disc brakes.  If you want awesome stopping power, this is definitely the setup to use.  These kits must be used with the large Torino Style housing flanges with the 3.150” diameter axle bearings.  Cryogenic treatment of the drums is an available upgrade for extra life and stability.