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Center Mounted Torque Links

These center-mounted torque links are used as a centrally-located single traction bar for your early Mustang.  One torque link in the center of the car allows for adjustable traction control while enabling the car to roll or pivot around this traction device.  The result is a car that has more bite in the corners, eliminating the forces of two traction bars trying to control the car.  We offer two different links:  A single action link with a 1000 lb “pull” spring acting on acceleration loads and a rubber bumper to dampen down shifting/braking loads; the other is a dual action link with a 1050 lb “pull” spring acting on acceleration loads and a 3700 lb spring to dampen down shifting/braking loads.  Spring preloads are adjustable and additional spring rates are available for full tuneability.  Chassis modifications and welding required.  (Dual Spring unit pictured.)