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Mufflers, Exhaust Turn Downs, and Flanges

We offer a full selection of items to install or complete your exhaust system.

For example, the Moroso Spiral Flow mufflers are the same low restriction all-steel mufflers we use on our vintage race cars.  Much more than low restriction mufflers, they feature specially engineered spiral baffles that cancel noise with minimal back pressure.  These are the next best thing to running an open exhaust for an absolute maximum free flow.  They will also effectively lower the decibel level by 5-7 decibels over open collectors.  

Also available is the classic Cherry Bomb street glasspack for true, vintage sound, and two Dynomax muffler styles that we frequently use on restorations.  One of the Dynomax muffler's features is the inlet and outlet at the same end, for building special application exhaust systems.  Please call for items you need that are not listed here.