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Griffin Aluminum Shelby/Mustang Comp. Radiators

Griffin supplies radiators to many of the NASCAR teams.  These special competition radiators are built by Griffin exclusively for Cobra Automotive.  With 580 hp on tap, our vintage road race cars require the most efficient radiator we can fit into an early Mustang or Shelby.  These radiators are made by Griffin to our exact specifications for a bolt-in fit, while retaining a stock-type appearance.  These special aluminum radiators utilize factory radiator hoses, original R-model type mounting points and radiator cap location for ease of installation and maintenance.  They can be ordered with a built-in Delphi heat exchanger, which uses lower water temperature to scrub off excessive oil temperature.  We have seen as much as a 20-30 degree drop in oil temperature when using a heat exchanger type oil cooler.  Our ultimate competition version, pictured here, also uses a reversed inlet hose position to ensure that coolant flows across the entire width of the oversize core.  These units require the radiator support opening to be enlarged to fit the 23” wide by 16” tall double row core of 1-1/4” tubes.